Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher 10.27SA

Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher 10.27SA

DYNA Logix – Freeware – Android
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If you prefer to use this application on your phone or tablet only, please download the Widgets-Only variant, which does not include the watch components.

The new Wear OS Tiles support can be found at the following link: https://bubble.dynalogix.eu/add-bubbles-to-the-bubble-cloud-tile.

With the new update, accessing your apps on your WearOS watch has become much easier. You can now use it as an extended watch face, allowing you to scroll horizontally for apps, adjust brightness and volume, and access the assistant. Alternatively, you can continue using your current watch face and pull the app drawer over the screen, similar to other mini launchers.

One of the notable features of this app is that bubbles grow with use, making frequently used items stand out from the crowd. This feature is optional but adds a nice touch.

As an established app in the market, it has over 1 million installs already. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. However, it is important to note that it is not compatible with Galaxy 1/2/3 (Tizen).

This app offers a 2-in-1 experience, as it is available both for Wear OS smartwatches and on phone/tablet as home screen folders and widgets.

This app has been recognized by reputable sources such as Android Police, Business Insider, Android Central, Yahoo Tech, Gizmodo, AndroidPit, and SlashGear. You can find more information about these features at http://bit.ly/BCinNews.

In terms of compatibility, this app works well with Wear OS by Google devices such as Galaxy 4, TicWatch, Moto 360, and Fossil. However, it is not compatible with Samsung Gear and Galaxy 1, 2, and 3 (Tizen) devices. Additionally, it does not support "Android"/"Bluetooth" smartwatches such as GT.O8 and DZ.O9.

The app offers two modes: App Drawer, which functions similarly to other Wear mini launchers, and Interactive watch-face, where the launcher becomes your watch face.

Key feature highlights of this app include the ability to fit more icons on the screen to find apps with less scrolling, variable icon sizes, organizing apps into "clouds" (favorites/archive/folders), a watch face with live information such as date, watch/phone battery status, weather updates, and step count, as well as limitless complications. Additionally, it offers smart features such as a dim ambient watch face, selective ambient mode where you can choose what information stays on the ambient face, sticky open function to keep any app on the screen with a double tap (without impacting battery life), screen lock to prevent accidental touches, easy access to screen brightness/volume control with a half swipe gesture, auto day/night brightness management, and an overall battery-friendly performance on both the watch and phone.

The app also includes a stand-up alert plugin and a Tasker plugin that allows control of bubbles on the watch. Moreover, it supports smart home automation through HTTP GET/POST command bubbles with authentication. It also provides toggling options for Wifi, Bluetooth, and Ringmode on both the watch and phone.

When it comes to customizing the look of the app, users have much control over its appearance. They can use custom colors and images for the background, clock dial, and hands. Alternatively, they can choose from 100+ ready-made themes available in 11 downloadable theme packs. Additionally, the app supports full icon pack functionality, allowing users to use standard Android icon packs to theme their watch (requires companion app on the phone). The app also offers smart auto layouts that arrange icons automatically in various layouts. Furthermore, it provides a full-featured watch face editor for further customization.

For Wear OS users, this app offers high compatibility with a large number of watch face complications. It also allows putting complications in app drawers and folders. Other Wear OS features include using background images from complication providers, remapping hardware buttons to open the app drawer or activate dimmed theater mode, and notification peek cards. Additionally, users can override watch face swipe functions not only at the edges and enjoy a special ambient mode for accurate vitals with the Doctor/Paramedic watch face (available in a tutorial video accessible at https://youtu.be/lSfFgWlbpG8).

The developer has gone above and beyond by creating tutorial videos that explain each feature in detail. It is an informative resource for users who want to fully understand and utilize the app's capabilities.

There is a free version available that continuously receives updates and improvements based on user feedback. The free version offers fully customizable favorites cloud (watch face), two layouts for the archive cloud (app drawer), one complication bubble, one Tasker bubble, and the ability to assign functions to watch buttons. The launcher/watchface does not have a time limit and comes with full support from the developer.

If you need more information about this application, you can visit their website with hundreds of posts at http://bubble.dynalogix.eu. Additionally, you can check the versions and changelog at http://bubble.dynalogix.eu/changelog.

For detailed information about permissions required by the app, you can visit http://bubble.dynalogix.eu/pr.


Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher es un software de Freeware en la categoría de Utilidades del sistema desarrollado por DYNA Logix.

La última versión de Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher es 10.27SA, aparecido en 24/10/2023. Inicialmente fue agregado a nuestra base de datos en 24/10/2023.

Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher se ejecuta en los siguientes sistemas operativos: Android.

Los usuarios de Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher le dio una calificación de 4 fuera de 5 estrellas.

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